The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Property Management

The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Property Management


What’s more important to you ? Our fees, or the guaranteed protection of your investment assets ?

On average most clients instantly save around $900 when they switch to us. But there’s more. Often their properties are grossly under rented. Already, several times this year we’ve made new clients an additional $5,000 PA, by adjusting their rental income. For some it’s been enough to turn a negatively geared property into a positive one.


So its black & white. Here are our fees

Management fee 8 % of rental income

Monthly admin fee $5

Letting fee is 1 weeks rent

Lease renewal is 1/2 weeks rent


* all prices are plus GST


Switch to Asset Agents and move forward with your property investment, guaranteed

With so many property management agencies in our local market it can be difficult to know whether you’re getting value for money and your property is being managed to its full potential. At Asset Agents we pride ourselves on transparency and believe that honesty is the very best policy. So lets us start by saying that we are not perfect… but we are much better than a great percentage of other local agencies. And that is very easy to say .. so let us back our claim so that you can get a taste of how you should be treated by giving you a Asset Agents team guarantee.

Our Guarantee to you is:

“that if you’re not convinced that we have provided a superior level of service in the first 6 months we will return our service fees for that period back to you”


What’s new ?

You might think there’s nothing new – that you’ve heard it all before. But whether you’re already a landlord or about to take your first big step on the investment property ladder, you’ll be aware that property investment can come with pitfalls and with regulations that are constantly changing.  We want to help you avoid all of those investment traps.

There’s no big secret to successful investing in property. Much of it is about using good sound common sense and avoiding the obvious risks.  But you’d be surprised how many people get it wrong!

We believe that real estate can be a great investment and with interest rates at record lows and confidence returning in property as a sound long-term strategy, real estate has never looked like a better option for those with the capacity to invest.

We hope you enjoy the information provided in this newsletter and that it helps you on your path to a long and happy relationship with real estate investing. 

Property Management – how to maximise your returns

In the short term

… choose an agent you can trust. It always pays to be wary when you’re making a decision that only delivers short term benefits.  When you’re investing in real estate, agents who want to attract your business can be highly competitive and the promises they make can be overwhelming. And often it’s hard to know who to trust as many agents will simply tell you what they think you want to hear, rather than the truth.  Don’t be swayed by short term promises that sound unbelievable. You know the saying – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

It really does pay to select your property manager with care – especially when you’re putting an investment that you’ve worked hard to acquire, into their hands.

That’s why at Asset Agents we put our money where our mouths are and offer a Service Guarantee.

If as an investor you are not convinced after the first six months that we provide a superior level of service, we will refund all of the fees you’ve incurred to date.  So there is absolutely no risk to you or your hard-earned investment dollars.

We also offer a 5 star level of service that others just can’t match including:

+ Professional photography of each property

+ A detailed floor plan

+ Highlighted listing on

+ Express tenant service*

+ Open house viewing

* A honeymoon rate of 4.4% of standard management fees for the first 6 months.

You can feel completely confident that any decision you make to take the property investment journey with Asset Agents is not only worry and stress free but is genuinely designed to be in your best interests.

If you’d like to experience the Asset Agents difference call Byron or Kath on 5315 5411 or email

In the long term

… choose an agent you can trust.  Yes the same answer.  And the key phrase to take big note of here is ‘long-term’ because any investment you make generally only provides you with a good return if you keep it through the traditional real estate cycles.  You need to have someone who’s with you for the long haul.

There are of course exceptions to the long-term investment rule. There have been times when the real-estate market has jumped considerably in a short space of time, fuelled by economic drivers both in Australia and world-wide.  However, these are exceptions rather than the rule and should not be relied upon as a way of making a profit.

If you want to invest in real estate and do it well, you have to be smart and smart investors stick to the following guidelines:

+ They choose the right type of property. Depending on your personal circumstances a strata-titled unit or new property, although allowing for greater depreciation allowances, may not suit you if you are trying to maximise your income.  In this instance an older property may have more to offer.  Older properties also offer the opportunity to renovate and reap more benefits when it’s eventually time to sell.

+ They pick the best location they can afford. You’ve probably heard it said countless times before – location is everything – but it’s constantly repeated because it’s true.  Location is not only about views or how close you are to the beach either. For an investment property it’s about the demand for rental housing in the area, how easy it is to find good tenants and the proximity to shops and services.

+ They select positive or negative gearing depending on their tax situation and whether they need to make income or offset against it. This is important and needs to be determined before you even go looking at property.

+ They keep the property for at least 5-10 years.

+ And last but most definitely not least, they pick a really great Property Manager because this not only ensures that all legal requirements are covered it also gives them peace of mind.

Asset Agents can help you make all of the right decisions – from selecting which type of property and its location, through to providing rent comparisons, assisting with tenant selection and delivering a professional property management service for long-term success.

If your property is not already being managed by us, make the switch today. You’ll experience a world of difference that you’ll remember long after the short-term promises have been forgotten.

Contact Byron or Kath on 5315 5411 or email


*Express Tenant Service

Our Priority Express Tenant Service takes care of the issues that can arise when your current tenant gives notice. The difference is, we look after it ahead of time ensuring that your property sits vacant for as little time as possible.

We take the worry and stress out of finding a good tenant for your property by proactively looking for a new one.

Professional Photos

The photos which were taken when you signed up to our property management service are kept on file. As soon as your tenant gives notice to vacate, your photos are online and attracting new tenants within hours.  This means no waiting, a greater choice of applicants and more likelihood of finding the ideal tenant in the shortest time frame.

Colour Floor Plan

By having a colour floor plan already prepared and available, prospective tenants can check the size of the rooms and whether their furniture will fit. It even helps the kids choose which bedroom.  This clever option has been shown to dramatically increase the number of enquiries and gives your property a distinct advantage over others which are being viewed.

Open for Inspections

Properties are better viewed at a scheduled Open for Inspection time rather than through specially arranged appointments. It’s less inconvenient for you (and the exiting tenant) and encourages the new tenants to submit an application quickly to avoid missing out, especially when there is strong competition for rental property.  However for those tenants that can’t make an advertised inspection time, we still go out of our way to meet them on your behalf, guaranteeing that you don’t miss out on the best selection of applicants.


Over the years we have compiled an extensive database of qualified, reliable and desirable tenants. When your property appears online, they are automatically notified, increasing your chance of securing an ideal tenant with good references and a proven track record.

And it’s all FREE of charge when you exclusively use Asset Agents Property Management Service.

How many Sunshine Coast investors do you know ? They’ll instantly save around $900 when they switch to us. Get them to call today. They’ll will love you for it.


As a thank you we’ll give you a voucher valued @ $225 from Bliss on Buderim for a luxurious massage, facial and foot treatment. * valid for anyone who switches to us in the month of May 2015.


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