5 Tips on Being a Good Landlord

5 Tips on Being a Good Landlord


Every landlord in the world would love to have that one perfect tenant who does no wrong and makes your life a dream. Ensuring a good landlord-tenant relationship is a two way street, you both have to put in an equal amount of effort to allow everything to run smoothly. Today’s blog post will give you 5 tips on how to become a good landlord to make your life easier.

Communicate Early and Often


Before you even sign the contract, make sure to tell your tenant all of your house rules. Maybe you have a no pet policy and the new tenant has a dog, if you’d only had communicated with them earlier, you wouldn’t of had to restart the whole search process all over again.

Always make yourself come across as approachable, and give your tenants more than one-way to contact you in case of a house emergency.

Respect your Tenants


Many landlords really dislike their tenants for various reasons, whether that is the case for you or not I don’t know, but what I do know is you should always show your tenants respect. Just because they can’t afford their own home, doesn’t make you a better person, we are all humans after all. Keeping a common level of respect and courtesy will lower your tenant turnover rate too, and keep everything civilized.

Make Regular Inspections


You have just given the keys to your property to a complete stranger and you trust them to take good care of it. As mentioned in another blog post people are very good at being fake to get what they want, so it’s a good idea to make regular inspections of your property to ensure everything is in line. We think a quick home inspection once ever 2-3 months is ideal. Do not make weekly inspections as it will feel like you’re invading their personal space, which can make your tenants feel uncomfortable.

Fix that Leak


Soon as problems arise at the property, fix them! A happy tenant is a good tenant, and fixing a small leak now may save you money in the long run, as it could become a bigger problem in the future. Put yourself in the tenant’s shoes, would you be happy if all repairs went unnoticed or it took several weeks to fix?

Get a Property Manager


Being a landlord is hot a hobby, it’s a business. If you have a job, family, and responsibilities you might not have the time or learn the skills to be a great landlord. Sometimes hiring an experienced property manager who can do all the hard work for you, while you get on with your life is better. From finding tenants to handling all complaints, a property manager is the perfect option for a landlord who doesn’t have the time or feels they’re under skilled.

Being a good landlord is critical if you want your property constantly occupied and money coming in. It’s very common today for tenants to move out of property’s due to bad experiences with a landlord, which can end up costly on your part. If you have a property that you’d like to rent out but are not sure how to go about it and need some advice, drop us a email or give us a call today.